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United Kingdom

Provides Velocity Capital, a new way to unlock revenue and expedite digital receivables to help digital businesses grow faster.

Pollen is pioneering the new category of Velocity Capital: a way to expedite the growth of digital businesses.

Pollen was created by a team of mobile technology and finance entrepreneurs who have first-hand experience of the demands and challenges faced by early-stage technology businesses. We know that in the fast-moving world of apps, early access to capital is crucial to success and growth. Without access to funds to acquire more users through mobile advertising, smartphone apps often disappear from visible app store rankings and fail to gain traction after their initial launch.

Pollen’s velocity capital gives app developers faster access to revenues they’ve already earned from the app stores by unlocking the value in their verified receivables. These can immediately be channeled back into user acquisition, meaning that precious venture capital funding can be reserved for product development and growing the business. With Pollen, yesterday’s sales fuel today’s growth.