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Drones against poaching in South Africa

10/24/2014 12:41

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The problem of poaching and the increase in the illegal sale of cruelly extracted ivory in South Africa has raised widespread alarm in local and international organizations. Hemav Academics, a Spanish company, is developing a solution using a drone-based technology to detect and track down poachers more rapidly, in a project is known as the Rangers Drone Project.



The aim of this project is to provide support for the surveillance system in South Africa's Kruger National Park, where three rhinoceroses are killed by poachers every day. The illegal sale of rhinoceros horns has skyrocketed in recent years due to the fact it is considered by several Asian cultures to have healing properties.

The Ranger Drone has been designed to serve as an economic, versatile and manageable tool that multiplies the rangers' capacities for action and detects both poachers and large animals in the park

The competition, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, consists of developing new ideas based on UAV technologies already available for civilian use. Candidates are invited to exploit the potential of these tools to improve people's lives.

Inspired by our commitment to the environment, we chose to improve the services in nature parks and reserves. These large territories are normally difficult to access and very sensitive to human action. The Ranger Drone project allows information about the park to be obtained in real time thanks to a fleet of small UAV planes equipped with cameras and sensors. This makes it possible to monitor both the vegetation and fire risk, and the animals' behavior.

Hemav is now working on the next phase of the competition, and we hope to be able to announce more good news before year-end. To find out more about this project headed by four young students from the UPC Terrassa and UPC Castelldefels in a more visual manner, our students have prepared the following video as a global showcase for this solution to a problem that must be eradicated as quickly as possible.

Here at Hemav we ask you for your support in finding a solution to this international problem by asking you to vote for us so we can go through to the competition final and continue our fight against poachers and the illegal extraction and sale of ivory in Africa: Vote for the Rangers Drone project.