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Ian Bogost (Video Game Theorist, Critic and Designer).
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Sebastian Deterding (Game Researcher and Designer) | Coding Conduct: Persuasive Design for digital media.
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Gamification Research Network
Gaming Business Review | Designing Gamification for the Most Frequent Personality Types. 20 de septiembre de 2011.
Gaming Business Review | Who Owns Gamification Data? 18 de febrero de 2012.
GigaOM | The future of Social Games is Mobile. Octubre 2010.
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Mashable | 7 Winning Examples of Game Mechanics in Action. 6 de julio de 2011.
Scott Nicholson (MIT Gambit Game Lab) | Because Play Matters
Wired Magazine | Go with the Flow. 1996.
Wired Magazine | Swedish Speed-Camera Pays Drivers to Slow Down. 6 de diciembre de 2010.
Gabe Zichermann | The Gamification Blog