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Evento: Big Data and Machine Learning with Docker

We´ll demo and discuss how Big Data and Machine Learning could benefit from using Docker containers.

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18:30-21:00GMT+2 | HORA LOCALMadrid

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BBVA Innovation Center
Plaza Santa Bárbara, 2
28004 Madrid
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#docker #devopsion #ML #bigdata
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18:30- Intro to the event and Docker update. Luis Herrera. Docker Captain.

18:45- How To build a “Fear/Greed Index” using Sentiment Analysis and Docker. Sergio-Nabil Khayyat Arranz - (Big Data Architect, Tech Lead @ IIC)

19:30- How to build ML pipelines in a breeze with and Docker. David Hernández ( co-founder, Technical Architect, Agile Coach )

20:15- Kylin it!, Using Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data with Docker. Alberto Ramón (Apache Kylin committer, Big Data engineer).

20:50- Closing remarks 


We´ll demo and discuss how Big Data and Machine Learning could benefit from using Docker containers.

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Sergio-Nabil Khayyat 

Sergio is a Big Data Architect at the Institute of Engineering Of Knowledge - IIC. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications (UAM, 2011), Master in Mathematics and Applications (UAM, 2011), Computer Engineering (UAM, 2009) and Degree in Mathematics (UAM, 2009). During its more than 8 years of Experience in the IIC has specialized in Big Data Architectures, Natural language processing (NLP) and automatic learning. 

Linkedin: Sergio-Nabil Khayyat Arranz


David Hernández

David is senior software engineer and agile coach. Although he is currently working from UK, he has worked in Spain, US and Australia, participating in projects like London Olympics 2012 for the BBC, improving continuous delivery processes at Atlassian or assisting the UK government Digital Services to improve the services offered to UK citizens. When he´s not working you could find him cyclin in London or travelling the world!

Linkedin: David Hernandez

Twitter: @dahernan 


Alberto Ramón

Alberto is a big data engineer and an Apache Kylin committer. A Flink fan and  Spark practitioner, he´s currently working in UK for a large multinational bank while supporting the Apache Kylin project.

Linkedin: Alberto Ramon Portoles



Luis Herrera

Docker Captain, AWS ambassador and ML/Big Data aficionado.

Linkedin: Luis Herrera

Twitter: @lherrerabenitez