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Open Innovation culture

BBVA's Innovation Center is a key part of the digital transformation of the BBVA Group. Our open and collaborative model promotes interaction with the innovation ecosystem, particularly entrepreneurs, startups and developers.

Working with new ideas and new talent provides BBVA with a springboard for meeting the challenges in the financial industry. As a result, BBVA is opening Innovation Centers around the world, to create a massive knowledge network.

Living Lab to Startups

BBVA's Living Lab shows the center's visitors our main innovation projects, whilst also serving as a laboratory for testing new products and services with real users in an environment recreating specific scenarios from everyday life.

Living Labs English


Places where people connect with their banks. Let to show and test digital bank concepts

David Martín
Living Labs Manager
12/11/2014 09:37


Another distinguishing feature of the Innovation Center is the wide variety of free events it offers to the public. Innovation provides a unifying theme for all the workshops, conferences and seminars held, enabling BBVA to work closely with entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, institutions and companies.



Madrid Innovation Center is home to the BBVA teams developing the Group's most disruptive projects. With walls lined with whiteboards plastered in colored post-its, and open-plan areas that encourage meetings, this is a new form of working through which BBVA is seeking to be more responsive, developing projects at the speed as its digital competitors, using Big Data and opening its platforms up to others.

The Innovation Center manifests BBVA's efforts to build a knowledge-based bank that will establish its leadership in 21st century digital banking.




The creation of a global knowledge network and establish interactions with entrepreneurs ecosystems in each region are priorities in BBVA open innovation strategy

Gustavo Vinacua
Innovation Centers & Open Innovation Director
12/05/2014 01:16