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Big Data

The keys

Being able to extract knowledge from the data we have

The most important application of Big Data is extracting information on our customers

The open platform concept is essential in any digital initiative in general

The data scientist has a head that knows statistics, then he knows how to program and also understands business

BBVA's main objective is to gain value from the data the bank possesses. The bank has a large amount of important data on its customers and their obligations and we are firstly looking for a central repository, to be able look at them and be able to extract knowledge and information from those data and translate that knowledge and information into new services, better services for our customers, etc.


A bank's ability to compete in the digital world is directly related to its ability to obtain knowledge

Marco Bressan
Chairman & CEO BBVA Data & Analytics

Therefore, the most important application of Big Data is extracting information on our customers based on what they do. As it is not preparing a survey, going out and asking customers what they would like, but really seeing, for example, how they use their accounts, what kind of transactions they make, what kind of lives they have, and trying to give the customer a better service. In this respect, the business intelligence element is essential to be able to provide that better service. Moreover, that knowledge about customers allows us to better assess customers in terms of the products we have such as giving credit or fraud prevention, for example.

Here in BBVA we have launched a pilot in Spain in which we are using data on payments for small and medium businesses, in order to get a better estimate of the risk that theses traders have when giving them credit. As a result of this information, we are providing about 4% more loans because we can adjust more to that estimate, know more about our customers and give them more credit. That is clearly a consequence of knowing the customer better.

A very important part of what we do with that knowledge, the data, is to precisely see what new products/things we can offer our customers. Data that can be used by banking, what the bank can do with that data, as well as what can be done outside the bank. One of the initiatives that we are working on includes adding, anonymizing and sharing statistics on that data. For example, we are working with ministries of tourism to better understand what tourists do when they visit cities, shopping behavior and improve what tourists are offered in that city. We are working to understand, for example, what the impact of an event is, if I organize a party in a city, if I have an important event, a seminar, a conference, what the commercial impact of this event is on the city. All these are products generated from the data the bank possesses and it has its uses beyond the bank's borders.

Marco Bressan - Big Data
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