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What is it?

What is it?

How often have you been asked if you wanted to embark on a new adventure? BBVA Open Talent is so much more than just an adventure. It is a journey on which we can grow together in our search for a common objective: the transformation of the financial world.

In our eighth edition we are not only driven by our thirst for adventure but also our desire to transform our environs. Because the entrepreneurial spirit goes much further. Innovate, create, collaborate, construct, grow... those are the verbs that define us and at BBVA Open Talent we are committed to them.

From this collaboration starting point, BBVA is exploring and seeking innovative technological projects related to finance technology as well as projects affecting this industry that can influence its evolution in the transformation process. Related to, for example, Big Data, security, APIs ...

We are very interested in talent, in ideas, as well as finding projects and entrepreneurs who will become our travelling companions.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

We're offering you to go hand in hand. We have been learning from entrepreneurs for more than eight years. We have a passion for discovering and encouraging talent, we want to share everything we know and we are confident we can learn a lot from you as well.

Show us your innovative idea, the one you have built to change the industry and we will try to provide you with support that will increase your chances of success. We only benefit when you succeed.

What are we looking for?

We are a bank. That’s no secret and we want to encourage innovation within the banking and finance ecosystem

If you comply with the following requirements, don’t think twice and register your project before 27 June to be one of the finalists in Europe, Latin America and USA and the rest of the world:

1. Start-up registered on or after January 1, 2012.
2. Technology focused on banking and finance or any possible connection with this sector.
3. Operational project or beta version.
4. Less than 2.5 million euros funding and less than 1.5 million euros revenue in the last year.

If you also want to present your project at the Wired Money event held on June 23 in London, be an early bird and register your project before April 27.

From these projects registered early, a special jury will select the best ones that can then choose to present their solution in Wired Money and for one of the first awards this year, the Wired Money Special Award, whose winners together with the winners of BBVA Open Talent 2016 will participate in the two-week Immersion and Interaction program.


14 MAR - 27 JUNE
Project submissions Wired Money Prize
Finalist Selection
Regional Finals
Immersion & Interaction Program