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What is BBVA Open Talent?

We know all the winners

BBVA Open Talent reaches the final stretch. Once we now the winners in all categories: CloudGrid and Bankity in Center and South America, Clausematch and Counterest in Europe, and Socure and GridMarkets in North America and Rest of the World. We now have the most voted project: Cursame. This Mexican project will be attending the BBVA New York Crash Acceleration week

What is BBVA Open Talent

BBVA Open Talent is an international competition aimed at entrepreneurs and startups. It is intended to support the development of innovative technology-based projects. The competition has already been run five times in the past.

What's new this year?
The changes to this sixth edition of the competition are:
1. Two categories with new names: New Banking and Digital Life
2. Three regional competitions: this is the most international edition to date, with three startup competitions being run simultaneously: BBVA Open Talent Europe, BBVA Open Talent Central and South America and BBVA Open Talent North America.
3. More winners: there will be more winners this year, with a total of 13 projects selected
   - Six winners: one per category in each of the three regions
   - Six runners-up: one per category in each of the three regions 
   - One project that wins the most online votes

What are the prizes?
- More than 180,000 euro in prizes
- The opportunity to set up a joint project with BBVA.
- Crash Acceleration in NYC: take part in activities and meetings with experts and startup investors. 

What are the competition stages?
- Submissions: the submissions stage will run from April 8 to June 25
- Evaluation: following the submissions stage, the Evaluation Committee will assess each of the projects submitted and choose 20 finalists (10 per category) for each of the three regions.
- Presentations and winners: the 20 finalists for each region must present their projects to a panel of judges at the three events held in each region. The judges at each event will choose two winners and the runners-up.
- Online vote: this year, online votes will choose between all 60 finalist projects once they have had the chance to present their projects at the events.
- Crash Acceleration NYC: the six winners, the six runners-up and the online vote winner will take part in the Crash Acceleration program in NYC.

How can I take part?
- We are looking for top quality and innovative technology-based projects that have been developed to a sufficient degree.
- The project must be submitted by an entrepreneur who has legally incorporated a business after April 2010, with no more than 1,5 million euro in financing having been raised over the last 12 months and annual turnover of less than 1 million euro.
- There must be a beta or demo version of the service / project available.

Here you can find the  dossier of the competition. Here you can find the ebook: "7 tips for success in a startup competition".

For further information, please see the competition terms and conditions.