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USA and the rest of the world final

USA and the rest of the world

BBVA Open Talent Final USA y resto del mudno

The regional event in which finalists have competed to be one of the two winners for the USA and rest of the world region took place in New York on September 6 and 7.

This two day event have featured engaging discussions, panels, demonstrations and debates with leading Fintech experts and innovators from the region.

The event has focuses on the innovation, transformation and disruption in financial services in the region caused by the finalist startups. That was the final:


Dates:06.09.2016 / 07.09.2016
Venue:New York Law School, 185 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013, USA
In the morning of the first day, the finalists have receive expert pitch training , preparing them for the presentation on the day of the final. The afternoon, the finalists have feature interaction with senior executives from various BBVA areas who attended the USA and rest of the world final to find out about the finalist startups and seek ways of working together and potential mutual benefits, irrespective of whether they are the winners or not.
- Morning: Pitch training with experts trainers.
- Afternoon: Meeting with BBVA executives, discussions and round tables.
This was the moment. The finalist startups presented their projects to an audience and jury in the BBVA Open Talent pitch sessions, as part of the Next Money New York 2016 event.
See the full agenda for the event and sessions you might be interested in.