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Open innovation, collaboration, working together ... those are the foundations of BBVA Open Talent. In each of the three regions --Europe, Latin America and USA & Rest of the World-- two winning projects will be selected.

Apart from receiving a monetary prize, these winners will go to the Immersion and Interaction program, where the winners of the Wired Money Special Award and the Financial Inclusion Special Award will be brought together.


The six winners, two in each of the three regions will receive a cash prize of 30,000 euros each and the possibility of developing a project in collaboration with BBVA; a project to increase the chances of success of your start-up. In total more than 180,000 euros will be shared out among the six winners.

But apart from this economic reward, we want to highlight the Immersion and Interaction program, that after a successful first year, we want to improve, thinking solely and exclusively of the winners.

This is a program that, for two non-consecutive weeks, will be completely focused on learning and everything that we can contribute to growing each of the winning projects.

We are also entrepreneurs and do not want to teach you things you already know or do not need. And we will not block your start-up or stop you from exploring options and partners that can bring you a lot. We know you're focused on your project and time is of the essence. So we get to the point: what do have to offer?

   -   Skills and experience that are not so easy to access. We put the bank’s knowledge at your service.

   -   We’ll try to get you access to specific meetings with several senior executives of BBVA in just a few days, which otherwise could take months

   -   We think of your business with a vision of continuity, genuinely and true.

   -   We want to spend more time with finalists to better understand the projects and the entrepreneurs.

   -   We bring unique partners and travel companions.

   -   We offer training and differential advice applied to the projects and tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur.

   -   We want to transmit our global vocation to the projects.

If your project is one of the winners you will participate in a program designed to increase your chances of success, intended to provide everything we know and, at the same time, learn the most from what you can teach us.

We will prepare an agenda of two non-consecutive weeks, in which you can benefit from our company structure and our partners. One week of the immersion will be held in Madrid the other in Mexico City.

Special Awards

The winners of the two special awards this year, Wired Money Special Award and Financial Inclusion Special Award, will also participate in the Immersion and Interaction program.

Wired Money Special Award

We want to reward the early bird projects, i.e. those who enter before May 2, with a very special prize: the potential opportunity to participate and present your project at a landmark event in the financial world: WIRED Money.From the projects entered before May 2, the best will be selected and stand the chance of inclusion in the WIRED Money Startup stage.


Financial Inclusion Special Award

Once again BBVA is looking for the best start-ups that provide digital financial solutions for small business or end customers with low incomes. The winner of this award will travel with the BBVA Financial Inclusion team to meet partners specifically associated with this sector.

Immersion & Interaction 2015

This is how the winners of 2015 experienced their first immersion week that took place in London:

...and in Mexico: