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Finalistas Latin America  BBVA Open Talent 2015

Aflore (Colombia)


Aflore approach the issue of financial inclusion by offering loans through a network of informal advisors in their natural environment.

Bitnexo (Chile)


Blockchain backed digital Payments for SMB commerce Asia - Latam.

Bitso (Mexico)

Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin payment processor, and Ripple Gateway in Mexico.



CAAAPITAL is AngelList for project finance.

Culqi (Peru)


Culqi, mobile payments platform, enables some business accepting payment cards of all brands. Experiences simple purchase.

Destácame (Chile)


We help those with limited financial info to access credit by building a credit risk profile based on how they pay utility/services bills.

Finvox (Chile)


Finvox helps financial institutions in the process of digital transformation via web and mobile applications with excellent usability.

Moneero (Uruguay)


MONEERO is a mobile engagement and payments platform to communicate with friends, businesses and brands on your phone.

Openpay (Mexico)


Openpay provides an API that enables companies to accept and send payments to customers and suppliers via Internet or mobile phones.

Quotanda (Mexico)


Quotanda’s lending as a service (LaaS) platform helps schools and banks offer affordable online student financing programs.

Uanbai (Chile)


Uanbai is a platform that integrates payment methods with social networks.

Volabit (Mexico)


Volabit is a cash-based digital wallet that enables fast and easy international transactions through the use of Bitcoin technology

Wayniloans (Argentina)


Wayniloans is the first community of loans between individuals with bitcoin technology in Latam. More access to credit. More profitability..

Zave App (Mexico)

Zave App

Zave App helps you meet your goals saving money without you having to think too much. You save without commissions, fast, easy and fun.

Zoop (Brazil)


Zoop is a social payments platform, programmable and highly secure with debit and credit cards, virtual wallets and online.

Finalistas USA & Rest of the world  BBVA Open Talent 2015

Bitwage (USA)


We Make International Payroll Better.

ClearServe (USA)


Building the next-generation Digital Private Bank. Delivering transparency to your Portfolio through Multi-asset and custodial Aggregation.

Coinalytics (USA)


Coinalytics is redefining artificial intelligence and analytics for blockchains & decentralized applications.

Control (USA)


Control is a digital payments management platform.

Draft Investments (USA)

Draft Investments

Draft uses crowdsourced data and a simple dashboard to allow users to better understand and take back control of their long term investments. (USA) turns spenders into savers using the power of TXT MSG. We're the easiest way to start the simple habit of saving.

Koho (Canada)


We are modern banking for millennials.

LendingFront (USA)


LendingFront's platform enables banks to tap into the vast and underserved market of short term business loans easily and efficiently.

ModernLend (USA)

ModernLend is an online lender that uses alternative metrics to identify & lend to creditworthy international & U.S. borrowers in the U.S.

New Constructs (USA)

New constructs

We help protect clients from red flags buried in footnotes with forensic investment ratings on 3000+ stocks, 400+ ETFs & 7000+ mutual funds.



Rippleshot uses cloud-based technology to detect bank card data breaches. Including Tier 4 merchant compromises as well as massive breaches.



The solution to the Username/Password problem; allowing seamless, passwordless & secure 2FA login wherever enabled, with zero complexity!

SizeUp (USA)


SizeUp is big data for small businesses. It provides business intelligence to companies so they can make smarter decisions through data.

SnapCard (USA)


We allow people and businesses to use bitcoin for accepting it as payment and sending money internationally for free.

Token (USA)

Token’s fast and secure payment rail improves banks’ payment economics while providing their customers with a superior experience.

Voatz (USA)


Voatz is a smartphone-only voting platform, secured by biometrics, uses financial data for ID verification & blockchain for irrefutability.

WeFinance (USA)

A social-first loan crowdfunding platform driven by borrowers' real identities and connections.

Finalistas Europe BBVA Open Talent 2015

Aplázame (Spain)


We increase merchant revenue by providing instant credit for online purchases at the ecommerce checkout, assessing risk at light speed.

Continuum Security (Spain)

continum security

Continuum Security builds cyber security products to help organisations design and manage the security of their software applications.

Cutover (United Kingdom)


Godesic’s Cutover platform reduces the risk and cost associated with critical enterprise IT change events.

Everledger (United Kingdom)


Everledger combines blockchain technology with primary diamonds records to create a transparent, immutable, secure global ledger for trade. (Spain)

We are a P2B lending platform, we connect businesses that need a loan with lenders that want to get a higher return for their savings.

Origin Markets (United Kingdom)

Origin Markets

Origin is a marketplace connecting fixed income investors with corporate borrowers in the bond market, facilitating direct bond issuance.

Ormsby Street (United Kingdom)


CreditHQ is a simple online tool, allowing smes understand the financial health of the customers they invoice & help improve cashflow.

PayBox (Israel)


A social payment network that simplifies the process of group payments, PayBox is dynamic checking account for groups with pre-paid amounts.

Pich (Spain)


Pich Technologies provides banking and financial data via our API to developers and business for use in their applications or workflows.

Ringpay (Italy)


Ringpay is digital pocket money. A smooth solution to pay your everyday shopping with integrated loyalty.

Safello (Sweden)


Bitcoin Spending Platform - enabling customers to manage their financial and legal life with single click purchase experiences.

Squirrel Financial Wellbeing (United Kingdom)


Squirrel is a financial wellbeing platform that plugs directly into payroll to empower people to take control of their financial lives!

TheMarketsTrust Ratings (Luxembourg)

The MarketsTrust

TheMarketsTrust helps professional investors to manage risk with a radically new system for Valuation and Credit Rating of Hybrid Securities.

Vaultoro (United Kingdom)


Vaultoro empowers anyone in the world, to save, spend and trade any amount, in private, secure and instantly accessible gold.

Wayerz (Israel)


WAYERZ provides an integrated platform that optimizes international wiring, correspondent inter-bank reporting, and reconciliation.

Wealth-Arc (Switzerland)


Full service, All-in-one platform for wealth managers and client relationship management. Based on cloud computing. Driven by Robo-Advisor.

50wise (United Kingdom)


Transforming the bank card industry by using cognitive technology to change user and bank employee experience.

Premio Inclusión Financiera BBVA Open Talent

Winner: Destácame (Chile)


We help those with limited financial info to access credit by building a credit risk profile based on how they pay utility/services bills.