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Finatext is a financial solutions provider with a particular focus on developing mobile applications. We aim to increase financial literacy among aspiring investors and traders in order to unlock potentials of retail investment.
United States
Flowcast Inc

Flowcast helps funders dramatically improve financing along the supply chain by using data science.
Fluid AI

Fluid AI turns any screen in a branch or ATM into a smart interactive screen using artificial intelligence. It talks to customers who walk in front and puts them in a digital environment where they can explore using their gestures.
United Kingdom

DigiSEq can deliver ANY application to any wearable and IoT device. Enabling Payment as well as Access Control, Ticketing etc on one device.
United States

CrowdProcess helps banks skip a decade of innovation in the risk office, by helping them leverage machine learning to avoid bad loans. It is currently being used in 4 different countries, and was recently voted the top European FinTech.
ComPay Payment Solutions

ComPay helps consumers to use their digital banking products and services as an easy and secure payment method for their online shopping.

Cloud based loan servicing platform designed for loan approval processes of Banks, Retail Stores and Leasing companies those offer cash/non-cash loans.
United Kingdom
Credit Kudos

Credit Kudos uses consumer transaction data to build highly accurate and transparent credit score-cards and affordability metrics.

ClipClap is all about connecting people who wants to sell with those who want to buy using the safest and effortless ways. We allow consumers to send payments to businesses of any size, faster, easier & securely than ever before