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United States

We’re collecting, sorting, and analyzing the world’s social impact data to better solve complex and entrenched social and environmental problems.
United States
Liveoak Technologies, Inc

Liveoak is solving the pain of complex customer on-boarding and paperwork for enterprises.
United States
KYC network on blockchain

Tradle is building a global trust provisioning network on blockchain. Our first product offers customers KYC portability, with exceptional customer experience and higher regulatory compliance. We sell to all sectors of banking and insurance and operate in 5 countries.

Keychain is developing the first, global, decentralized authentication platform for the financial, IoT, and enterprise sectors.
United States - Slovakia

Forget about Wallets. Forget about Prepaid. As a IT / fintech company, Paymagnet is offering the most intuitive, and personal mobile-NFC- interface that provides clients the ability to accept contactless credit and debit-cards instantly via smartphones!
United States
Precognitive Inc

Precognitive combines device intelligence and behavioral analytics with a real-time decision engine to accurately detect and prevent fraud.

Pay anyone, anytime with just their mobile number.
United States
Syndicated Loan Direct

SLD converts the dense legal documentation of syndicated loans used by banks and asset managers into readily usable financial data using artificial intelligence.
United States

We give merchants the ability to dispense cash from their register, directly to the hands of consumers obviating the need for the debit card or ATM.
United States
Investment POD

Investment POD is the first multi-strategy digital wealth management platform for the Bionic Advisor. POD = Passive, Opportunistic, Defensive.
United States

The GovBrain system of web applications searches federal, state, local and international government websites and databases, including political news sources, to provide real time security price predictions for hedge funds. GovBrain technology also automates geopolitical risk analysis.

Cloud based loan servicing platform designed for loan approval processes of Banks, Retail Stores and Leasing companies those offer cash/non-cash loans.
United States
Capital Preferences

Capital Preferences reveal clients true preferences through games built on game theory and econometrics.
United States
Cambridge Blockchain, LLC

Cambridge Blockchain’s identity management platform enables financial institutions to streamline their know-your-customer processes for multinational clients, eliminating redundant compliance steps while improving record auditability and customer experience.
United States

CrowdProcess helps banks skip a decade of innovation in the risk office, by helping them leverage machine learning to avoid bad loans. It is currently being used in 4 different countries, and was recently voted the top European FinTech.

Finatext is a financial solutions provider with a particular focus on developing mobile applications. We aim to increase financial literacy among aspiring investors and traders in order to unlock potentials of retail investment.
United States

ForwardLane is a cognitive finance solution for modern wealth management which helps banks and their advisors scale the type of sophisticated and individually tailored investment advice the ultra-high net worth enjoy down-market to everyone else.
Fluid AI

Fluid AI turns any screen in a branch or ATM into a smart interactive screen using artificial intelligence. It talks to customers who walk in front and puts them in a digital environment where they can explore using their gestures.
United States
Flowcast Inc

Flowcast helps funders dramatically improve financing along the supply chain by using data science.
United States

Billsley finds ways to save you money through data analysis on monthly recurring bills like cable, insurance and phone. Billsley is tackling the $28 billion dollar problem of paying more for services that 80% of online bill payers suffer - specifically important to the lower income bracket.