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Cambridge Blockchain, LLC

Cambridge Blockchain’s identity management platform enables financial institutions to streamline their know-your-customer processes for multinational clients, eliminating redundant compliance steps while improving record auditability and customer experience.
United States
Capital Preferences

Capital Preferences reveal clients true preferences through games built on game theory and econometrics.
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Account aggregator that downloads banking information, automatically reconciles bank statements and exports the data to any ERP accounting software.
United States

Billsley finds ways to save you money through data analysis on monthly recurring bills like cable, insurance and phone. Billsley is tackling the $28 billion dollar problem of paying more for services that 80% of online bill payers suffer - specifically important to the lower income bracket.
United States

Bayonet offers a global federated database which aggregates consumer payments historic data, to help online merchants and financial institutions increase sales and reduce losses from fraud thru graph database and machine learning.

Aflore is the first direct selling network to distribute fianncial products to the homes of unbanked people in Latin America

Alegra is a cloud application to manage small businesses, allowing to invoice, manage expenses, banks and reports.
United Kingdom

Risk analytics company detecting disruptive events in financial markets and anticipating price shocks hours or days in advance of the event.

ISBIT is a Digital Assets Trading Platform. It allows people from all the world to safely buy and sell digital assets including BITCOIN, leveraging on an intuitive trading interface with the best analytical tools as well as APIs.