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21 March 2016

Security; an issue constantly fizzing in the fintech world

Participants in BBVA Open Talent 2015 discuss how security shapes fintech development.

Security is one of the fintech areas most affected by new developments such as biometrics and facial recognition. A number of participants in the latest BBVA Open Talent competition discuss their involvement in the contest and the areas in which their startups operate.

Finalists from 2015 BBVA Open Talent share their experiences of having taken part in the competition and their motivations for doing so. As the video shows, potential security improvements are a recurring theme in the fintech ecosystem.

Randall Cox, of Rippleshot, reveals how a fraud detection statistic can get you motivated, while Fatih Karatas, co-founder of SaasPass, underscores the importance of securing a myriad of passwords with something more robust than the old post-it stuck to the bottom of a monitor.

Leanne Kemp was one of the winners in the European regional final. The story behind Everledger traces a link between Hatton Garden, the London diamond trade district, and the price of private medical insurance with blockchain technology.