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Twitter and LinkedIn more popular than Facebook among the CEOs of major firms

06/01/2015 09:35
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According to a study conducted by Weber Shandwick, Twitter and LinkedIn are the social networks with the most pull among CEOs, to the detriment of Facebook which has practically lost its appeal. The consultancy firm has drawn up a list with the steps that a CEO and his/her team must follow to improve their online reputation and build trust on social networks.


Only one out of every 10 CEOs has a Twitter profile, while on LinkedIn, a network considered more geared toward professionals, two out of every 10 CEOs are registered.

Although the numbers from this study, conducted by Weber Shandwick among the 50 top companies on the Fortune Global 500 list, may seem low, the increase in the last three years must be noted, when on Twitter only 2% of CEOs were registered and in LinkedIn just 6%.

However, on Facebook no improvement is being recorded. Three years ago 10% of CEOs had a profile on this social network but now the percentage is zero among these 50 major firms.

Therefore, it has recommended following 10 steps to improve this reputation, from the initial analysis to detect errors through to carrying out specific tasks:

1. Evaluate reputation and create a value proposition.

2. Identify and create the CEO's history in representation of the company.

3. Be the industry leader by having a high profile in the sector.

4. Also boost the rest of the executive team.

5. Reinforce the training of spokespeople in the media.

6. Carefully evaluate their stance in relation to certain public policies, especially those which affect their sector.

7. Develop a sound strategy on social networks.

8. Keep tasks related to reputation at the top of to-do lists.

9. Reinforce reputation among employees.

10. Do not consider the CEO's humbleness as a sign of weakness.

Source: Weber Shandwick, The CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Era report


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