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Top 10 personal finance apps in Google Play and Apple Store in July

08/05/2015 08:38
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Mobile banking apps tend to head the ranking in the two largest app distribution platforms. Even so, the list always brings a few surprises.


The mobile versions of different banks are nearly always the most popular apps in the Finance category in stores like Google Play and App Store, but there are always conclusions to be drawn from the ranking of other types of applications –whether of a corporate type or not– which help shed light on the demands of digital users in terms of their finances.

July reveals two significant trends that point to a joint theme with the tendency seen in last month's top 10.

Users of devices with an iOS operating system show us a very different user profile from those using Android hardware. This month is particularly important given the difference between the two classifications in terms of content. While the recurrent Plus500 and Infobolsa reappear in the App Store, and Fintonic persists as the preferred option for managing personal finance, in Google Play the predominant applications are more innovative in pragmatic ways, such as digital wallets. and P2P payment apps.

Finally, the entrance of Orange Cash in the rankings is worth noting. The Orange and VISA app permits contactless payments using NFC technology, combining this with both more common functionality (bank balance query) and less common (phone top-up).

Top 10 App Store finance apps 
BBVA native application for operating with BBVA products from mobile devices.
Santander the mobile app for Banco Santander's financial services.
ING Direct Spain access to mobile banking for individuals and businesses.
PayPal an app for making routine transactions from your mobile device.
Bankia Móvil an app for accessing Bankia's mobile services.
Fintonic an app to help users understand, manage and simplify money issues in a straightforward way.
Plus500 commercial platform for the stock exchange in your iOS devices.
Infobolsa an app for monitoring financial markets.
ReciBox an app for managing "la Caixa" bills.
CX Mobi an app for managing CatalunyaCaixa online banking services.


Top 10 Google Play finance apps
“laCaixa” Features all the mobile services of "laCaixa".
BBVA native application for operating with BBVA products from mobile devices.
EVO ATMs EVO Bank branch and ATM locator.
Santander an app for consulting this bank's services.
ING Direct an app for making routine transactions from your mobile device.
BBVA Wallet an app for making payments and managing your credit cards from your mobile device.
Banc Sabadell Banc Sabadell's app for remote banking services.
Bankia access to Bankia's mobile services. 
PayPal an app for using all PayPal services from your mobile device.
Orange Cash an app resulting from collaboration between Orange and VISA that allows NFC payments to be made.


By BBVA Innovation Center.