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Skysafe: a project to protect airspace

04/28/2016 12:32
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The US startup is using radiofrequency to bring drones to ground wirelessly when they are flying over unauthorized areas.  


Skysafe can identify unmanned aircraft, distinguish unauthorized units used by criminals and monitor the location of drones. In addition, in case of need, it is also capable of disabling an unmanned aerial vehicle and guiding it to a safe zone for landing.

So this technology is not only limited to detecting, but also carries out the task of interception. It takes control of the operator's unmanned aircraft, which sees it as the legitimate controller, and from then on can move it to a safe place for landing.

Grant Jordan, founder and CEO of Skysafe, aims to work with large clients and companies who want to protect their airspace, such as penitentiaries, power stations or airports.

Jordan graduated in Computer Science at MIT, and then spent four years in the US Air Force. There he acquired a series of skills that have given him a good vision of the sector. They made him aware that drones were not being used in the best way in the civil world. For that reason he decided to create Skysafe.

Currently, lawmakers are working to include new laws that allow the use of this type of technology. In addition, Skysafe is raising a round of finance, led by Andreessen Horowitz, for three million dollars.

The nearest thing that Skysafe has to a competitor is  AirMap, which rather than focusing on drones does so on the creation of a system that can monitor aircraft that are flying over a specific area. Sources: The Verge and ReCode

Sources: The Verge y ReCode

More information: See the ebook: Drones

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