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Six out of 10 citizens are worried about the data they provide online

07/17/2015 09:15
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According to the latest European Commission Eurobarometer on data protection, only 15% of citizens believe that they have control over the data they provide online.


Strengthening user confidence in the digital environment. This is one of the main conclusions that can be drawn from the latest European Commission Eurobarometer on data protection.

Six out of 10 citizens claim that they do not trust online businesses (63%), a percentage very similar to the mistrust of telephone companies and Internet service providers (62%).

In fact, 67% are worried about “the lack of control” over the data they provide online . Only 15% feel that they have full control over their data.

Another concern is related to data processing: how it is collected and processed, what it is used for. Seven out of 10 people are worried that the information they provide may be used for a different purpose.

Lastly, this Eurobarometer shows that an overwhelming majority (89%) would like all European Union countries to have the same level of personal data protection.

Source: EC Eurobarometer on data protection. The surveys were conducted in March 2015 among 28,000 EU citizens.

By BBVA Innovation Center