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Programming to improve the competitiveness of students and entrepreneurs

02/10/2016 11:13
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Oracle Mexico provides tools for schools and universities and supports creativity and technology to promote startups.



“Here in Mexico we're increasingly seeing the creative potential of young people. Not only in companies, but the Mexican government is also making a significant effort to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem by setting up the National Institute of Entrepreneurship. So a look at the current landscape reveals the reinforcement of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Mexico. This is an opportunity to grow and generate jobs so entrepreneurs can demonstrate the creative vocation of the Mexican people”, says Manuel Bravo, ERP & SCM Sales Director of Oracle in Mexico.

“Another important aspect is the conjunction of external actors such as accelerators, incubators and even universities who all encourage entrepreneurs to continue with their project for employment. These actors not only raise the visibility of the entrepreneurs, but also enable them to gradually transform their idea as it matures, so the entrepreneurs already have a mature company by the time they end this stage.”

“For this purpose Oracle has a Development Center located in Zapopan, Jalisco, which operates as a research and development and training center so the local talent can develop their skills in a collaborative environment. One of its aims is to promote technology and business skills. The center is currently comprised of talented Mexican graduates from the leading universities in the country, who are now in charge of creating and innovating at an international level”, he said. 

The Oracle executive referred to the important role played by the agents, and their contribution in providing technological tools to be used by entrepreneurs in the planning stage of their website, and thus ensure its attractiveness. Even when creating web and mobile applications, for example, OpenJDK offers entrepreneurs an option so they can launch their business idea using an application that has repercussions for the growth of their business.

The arrival of new players on the scene

“There's no doubt that the Mexican Innovation ecosystem is facing some important challenges" says Bravo. "One of them is that the ecosystem must be reinforced by the input of new players, and another is that there is a need for policies that allow entrepreneurs to capitalize and be disruptors in the sector. Another concerns innovation, as it is not enough simply to replicate successful ideas in other parts of the world –we need to be creative and go even further, in the way other startups have been disruptive. In other words, creativity in business”.

The third challenge is to incorporate technologies that are accessible for Mexican entrepreneurs, as access to disruptive technologies means more ways to carry out or develop their businesses. This enables the entrepreneurs themselves to have more competitive advantages over established companies whose technology uptake is slower.

One example worth mentioning is in India where the Oracle University helped Village, a small telecommunications startup, to help develop coding skills in more than 30,000 students and 200 teachers thanks to the support of 100 engineers in the Kerala zone. The Oracle academy in India helps students from schools and universities with the company’s own software so they can  improve their programming skills and help them compete at the world level.

Mexican entrepreneurs must do everything possible to protect their inventions. That is, they need to work closely with the Mexican Institute for Intellectual Property (IMPI), as one philosophy we share with entrepreneurs is "You created it, it's yours". This way Mexican inventions can be protected by international laws, thus preventing the theft of technology, ideas and proposals by other competitors.

Another obstacle to be overcome is ongoing training. Continuous education ensures that entrepreneurs have the best possible knowledge of their business so their business can grow based on the knowledge they have developed during their training.

“We will continue to see trends that include apps for both smartphones and for objects that can connect to the Internet" says the executive. "IDC, the IT consulting firm, claims that solutions based on Big Data will increase business productivity and account for 65 billion dollars by 2020. The trend for that same year even mentions that cognitive and in-memory computing will be important for developing technology for Big Data analytics. Thus from our point of view the trends focus on development and investment in products for Big Data analytics”, says the head of ERP & SCM for Oracle in Mexico.

All industries need data analytics. Everything from manufacturing, automobiles, energy, food, human resources, enterprises, businesses. These examples reveal where the company's efforts are being directed.

Finally, Manuel Bravo says that in Mexico the future of entrepreneurship is certain to be successful provided it achieves a robust and fair ecosystem for all startups. For their part all the entrepreneurs must show creativity and be aware of the needs of the global market

By BBVA Innovation Center.