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Primera Venta, your first digital sale in 15 steps

05/18/2016 10:48
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Entrepreneurship, web 2.0, social media, online business, digital stores. Everywhere you look you are told that having an idea or building a business is not enough. You need to take it a step further and be known anywhere. Having a business means having a web page so that anyone can buy your product from anywhere and at any time.


It's not easy to set up a business. You need courage, time, effort and, mostly, money. If you allow for licenses, premises, staff and product, there is not a lot of budget left to open a web page. And this is even more difficult if you're new to the online world and the concepts of URL, SEO, positioning or web design are foreign to you. Also, you have to ask yourself: How are people going to pay me? How do I send my product? And what if people have questions? There are endless issues. And your wallet is half empty. has been designed to solve all your questions. This is a kit for companies and SMEs that wish to go digital and close their first sale within 15 days. First of all, this is a free solution. During the 15-step process, "there is no investment in money but there is investment in time", says Paul de Fombelle, International Director of Mailify. This is a "sum of tools, sum of tips, sum of practices that allow you to close your first online sale and subsequently achieve online success." has four partners. Four large companies have come together to offer a comprehensive range of solutions adapted to the needs of any SME. First, Prestashopa program "that allows you to create an online store for free and in a very simple way", as explained by Bertrand Amaraggi, Country Manager in Spain for Prestashop. "You download a program to your computer and you have a store." It's simple and it progresses with the store. It offers several templates based on the entrepreneurs' needs.

Next, we have Mailify, an email marketing service which allows you to communicate with your potential customers. "It allows you to send newsletters or publicity emails," i.e. use one of the main sources of sales as pointed out by Paul de Fombelle. It's a simple and cheap channel: "We all have an email account." And most importantly, it's universal.

The third partner is Nimble Payments, a payment gateway which "you can activate in 5 minutes." According to Álvaro Morón, head of Nimble Payments, "a store can handle collections and start charging for their products quickly and simply from the outset." Nimble Payments offers secure and simple access so that any business may use the gateway without a lot of technical knowledge.

Lastly, there is eBayThe online sales giant allows you to globalize and gain a lot more exposure for your products. In the words of Susana Voces, eBay General Manager in Spain: "The platform allows you to sell internationally, and this is a barrier which all companies must overcome if they want to grow and evolve and compete globally." Even though she does not recommend that you start selling abroad before you sell in your own country, this is a natural step for companies that offer products that may be in demand in other countries. was presented on March 10 at the BBVA Innovation Center by the heads of the companies involved. The website is supported by tutorials which help companies digitalize their business.

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