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More personalized real-time offers to attract tourism

05/31/2016 11:03
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With a volume of transactions of over 2 billion euros, the Spanish hotel market has posted record figures, more than double its 2014 results. Spain is currently the third European market by investment volume, behind only the United Kingdom and Germany. 


The report by Deloitte, “Tourism Expectations 2016”, reveals that hotel investment in Spain in 2015 was over 2 billion euros, 137% higher than the figures for 2014.

The report notes that to continue growing, companies must not lose sight of the consumers, “even when they have finished their purchase”, and need to react in real-time to their demands or complaints. 

The hotel executives surveyed said that investment for the coming year should be aimed at improving the customer experience(31%) and implementing the online channel as a source of inspiration and purchasing (28%).

The respondents also consider that customer focus (49%) and quality (41%) will be key ingredients in the value proposition, in many cases obtained through innovation (36%). 

The study concludes that “tourism in 2020 will consist of customized quality experiences in cities sought primarily by satisfied customers from generation X and the millennial generation”.

It also predicts that the industry will invest in customization in order to achieve quality experiences that are valued by the customers, while more traditional competitors will lose out by contrast.

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