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King Felipe VI supports innovation to boost economic growth

07/08/2014 10:24
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On July 1 King Felipe chaired the National Innovation and Design Awards ceremony, which was held at the Valladolid Science Museum and supports innovation. At the same event, Juan Miguel Villar Mir, the Galician Health Service, Ferrovial and INOXPA were awarded in the Innovation section; and Figueras International Seating, Pablo Martín and Enric Huguet Badosa Muixí, in the Design section.



"Without innovation or design a country cannot progress; it stagnates. Innovation and design are no longer options for our societies and have become a necessity to manage ourselves in an increasingly global world", King Felipe stated. "Specifically," he continued, "they are essential assets of our economy for the internal/domestic market, as well as ─ and even moreso ─ for our international presence. Therefore, more and more and progressively over time, they form a permanent part of our business culture". His Majesty the King stressed that "innovation ─ as all of us certainly understand it to be ─ responds to a creative process that wants to anticipate future needs by promoting technological development, a process that must have the foundation of the best training and revenues that always provides quality research", to then assert that "Innovation also implies efficient management of the resources at our disposal to turn new ideas into new products and enhanced services". Therefore, innovation requires the collaboration of all, from the public sector and the private sector, universities and industry; because innovation should be a priority and a responsibility shared by the whole of society," His Majesty the King concluded.


The winners in the field of innovation include:

  • National Innovation Award for Lifetime Innovative, Juan Miguel Villar Mir, founder of the Villar Mir group, who pioneered the application of disruptive innovation in traditional industries to increase competitiveness.
  • National Award for Innovative Public Procurement, the Galician Health Service (SERGAS), for the incorporation of innovation in the administrative procedure through the "Saúde Innova" and "Hospital 2050" projects, which allowed a saving in expenditure.  
  • National Innovation Award for Internationalization, Ferrovial and INOXPA for their open innovation model, nurturing talent through incentives and leadership in European and global projects. INOXPA, manufacturer of stainless steel pumps for the food industry, has become a specialized group that designs, manufactures and markets equipment for stainless steel integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, wine and cosmetics industry. 


The CDTI invested in 40 Innovation projects

In line with the King's speech, the Board of Directors of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) approved 100 new R&D+i projects, 40 of which are related to innovation with a budget of 61.77 million euros (47.42 million euros of which are directly provided by the CDTI). The 40 innovation projects have a budget of over 26 million euros, 20 million euros of which are contributed by the CDTI with a funding rate of 77%. It is expected that the projects as a whole will generate 632 jobs: 230 directly and around 402 indirectly. Part of the funds belong to the EU's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Imagen: @Casa Real de SM el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos