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The ideal job for a millennial?

01/29/2016 10:18
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Deloitte's Millennial Survey 2016 reveals that the generation born before 1982 wants companies to place ethical criteria before financial ones.



Greater flexibility in the workplace, work-life balance and corporate ethics are what the millennials are demanding from companies. Deloitte's Millennial Survey of 7,700 young people born before 1982 also highlights that 44% intend to leave their current job in the next two years, a percentage that rises to 66% when asked about their expectations for 2020.

The report indicates that 44% of millennials have turned down a job on some occasion because they didn't agree with the company's values, and 56% have definitively ruled out working with certain companies for ethical or moral reasons. The vast majority (87%) agree that the success of a company should not be measured only by financial criteria.

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By BBVA Innovation Center