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How traditional banking learns from fintechs

07/13/2016 12:12
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We talked to Johan Lorenzen (Holvi's CEO) during the Fintech University conference which featured his startup as one of the examples of the possible relationship between fintechs and the traditional financial sector.


Hosted at the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid, one of the main topics of the Fintech University conference was the new relationship that is being built between traditional banking and the new fintech startups.

Johan Lorenzen (CEO of Holvi, a fintech startup that has been recently acquired by BBVA) was one of the voices of experience as derived from his new relationship with BBVA. He described the path that has been travelled since the acquisition.

According to Lorenzen, Holvi's challenge is still the same – to help SMEs and self-employed professionals to solve any business problems. "Our customers are drivers and this makes it very demanding but also rewarding," he concluded.

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