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A flying car: Google's next initiative?

06/15/2016 11:46
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Larry Page, co-founder of Google, invests around 100 million dollars in two Californian companies to manufacture small vehicles capable of taking off vertically.


Larry Page has personally funded the startup Zee.Aero since its launch in 2010, according to Bloomberg. Zee.Aero aims to manufacture a small electric aircraft capable of taking off and landing vertically.

The startup has two prototype planes that are being tested at an airport in Hollister, California. According to Forbes, Page has also been funding Kitty Hawk, a startup run by Sebastian Thrun, the founder of Google X, the research division of Alphabet, that develops a flying car. Zee.Aero has around 150 employees and according to Bloomberg has already conducted the first technical tests of the flying cars at an airport near Mountain View.

Zee.Aero's headquarters resemble a small industrial plant, a two-floor building where engineers and employees work. On the second plant, Larry Page has his own private office, a room to sleep and one of the first rockets developed by SpaceX, the aerospace transportation company founded by Elon Musk.

Just like Jezz Bezos and Elon Musk, Larry Page is using his fortune to realize the dream of his childhood.