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The boom in wearables: over 173 million devices in 2019

09/21/2015 09:21
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While 2014 –with sales of almost 29 million wearables– was the year which saw the tipping point for these devices, in five years' time this market will have reached maturity with sales of over 173 million according to data from IDC.


El boom de los ‘wearables’: más de 173 millones de dispositivos en 2019 - CIBBVA

A rate of 23%. Wearables are going full steam ahead, as a look at the figures will bear out. While 28.9 million of these devices were sold in 2014, it is estimated that this figure will rise to 76.1 million this year, and shoot up to 173.4 million in 2019according to estimates published by IDC.

However, the technology consultant notes that we need to differentiate between "smart" wearables, which account for one third of the current market, and the "basic" version which is targeted more to fitness-related activities. Smart wearables go beyond being simply a smartphone accessory with alerts, to a wearable computer in their own right, with their own processing capacity.

 How the market will evolve 

Today, according to Ramon Llamas, Research Manager, “more and more sellers are entering this segment”, and he believes we will shortly see be seeing “a scenario of greater selection and ultimately more volume”.

To date, he claims, prospective buyers are still “cautious” about what is availableon the market, and they are waiting for the arrival of devices with “better hardware and with apps”. The momentum needed to reach the 2019 figures will above all be driven by “word-of-mouth”, and the role of so-called "user-ambassadors".

The devices and their operating systems


According to IDC, this is going to be the front-runner in its first year on the market. The "wait and see" tactic of some users favors its momentum in the coming months.

Android Wear / Android 

The forecasts point to growth in the market, as it combines its own brand with that of other brands that use its operating system.


This is one of the pioneers on the market, but it is estimated that it will see a decline in its market share with the other big names. However, its competitive prices and its  compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems may sustain its continued presence in the market share.


This is one of the minor league players that is creating the most noise. This platform iscompatible with the most emblematic smartphones from other Android manufacturers, for example Samsung.

Source: IDC

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By BBVA Innovation Center