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Being an entrepreneur in Mexico

11/12/2015 10:29
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From assistance in setting up an online store to market research, investment tools and even a taco-making game. This is the scenario of startups in Mexico. 33 innovative examples. 


1. Bitso. Bitso. This Mexican company is seeking to introduce consumption with bitcoins in Mexico's They currently work with over 130,000 collection points throughout the country, among them some of the most popular stores in Mexico (such as Oxxo, one of the biggest chains). To protect the money, 98% of its assets are stored offline, under AES-256 encryption and air-gapped. The site operates through SSL.

2. Openpay. Mexico is one of the countries that took longer to enter the online payments eventually became fertile ground for entrepreneurs. Openpay is an initiative that aims to establish a simple online payment mechanism in exchange for products and services. It offers payments using debit and credit cards, cash and bank transfers, and accepts domestic and international customers.

3. Quotanda. How to make high-quality education more accessible? This initiative makes it easier to establish contact between the organizers of scholarships and loans and the students who require information for joining the best schools in the world.

4. Volabit. How to invest in the 2.0 world with the help of an expert? Volabit enables users specialist knowledge about the social media and the Internet to gain access to the Bitcoin market and, thanks to a user-friendly interface, to find out about their transactions, the purchase and sale limits and even add bank accounts for the operations.

5. Zaveapp.We've all had some trip that we couldn't make due to lack of time or attainable and simple goals, Zaveapp builds a project and, best of all, attains goals. The formula is very simple: each time a credit or debit card is used, the application proposes the charge to be rounded off to save a few cents. If also offers the possibility of giving a “tip” each time a purchase is made. The result? Sustained saving that translates into flights at a special price, thanks to the agreements signed by the company.

6. Money Menttor. There is a Mexican phrase that says “look after the cents because the pesos after themselves”. This could be the motto of Money Mentor: an application designed to look after small expenses and keep our finances under control without wasting. This is summarized by a testimonial on its website: “I opened a savings account and when I gave up my job to start a business I already had enough savings for 4 months, which fortunately I haven't had to touch yet. Thanks to MoneyMenttor I've learned to manage and plan my finances better”.

7. Compropago. One way to define Compropago is that it's the response to PayPal. enables those who would rather not make an online transfer to pay in cash in at least 11 chains all around the country. The application guarantees full security and live support for both retailers and users.

8. Tok3n. There is never enough security. And the company Tok3n proposes one way of phone from unidentified users, and also the data in the event of loss. It's easy to install and use.

9. SmartDrone. Not long ago the term 'drone' was only related to high-level intelligence or No longer. The SmartDrone service enables users to rent drones from one to eight hours for prices ranging from 55 euros (per hour) to 310 for the maximum period of time.

10. CapptuLatin American photographers know about crowdsourcing methods. The result? application that enables photographers to get in touch with buyers interested in buying their pictures in some of the most remote places in the region. An interesting and creative option.

11. TokyThis application enables users to make voice calls to any place in the world, but innovative twist: it doesn't do so through phone numbers, but via web links, which offers greater security for the users. It is a link that can be shared in an email, a tweet or a Facebook post that also protects the caller's identity.

12. MasterKiwi. We've all become addicted at some point to an online game that can be on our phone. MasterKiwi offers an appealing idea: to position a brand through its games, which are simple. It doesn't require that the customers know anything about programming: all they have to do is select the video game they prefer and then use an original promotion campaign.

13. SkydropThe motto is simple: “You sell, we deliver”. Has your company ever problems? Skydrop enables retailers to reach their customers quickly. The distributor passes the product on to the business, the customer is kept informed at all times of the delivery's status and on top of that they promise a smile.

14. Fieldwy. A project launched by two young Mexicans when they were still students has system that enables workers to manage their work more effectively in the field and connect it to the company. The application shows the location of the partners, the progress of their projects and how much their sales grow.

15. Vanderdroid. Like a futuristic film. Vanderdroid enables users to control the lighting the cell phone. No more and no less. To do so, a VIMI lamp (that works through Bluetooth and offers an 80% saving in electricity expenses) needs to be connected, which is configured on the cell phone and can be customized according to the user’s preferences and needs at any given time.

16. Fondeadora. Mexico's first crowdfunding experience. The company's main goal is to seek and promote talent. Who can join? Any person with an “inspiring and innovative project”. The range includes from social initiatives and technology to art, culture, fashion and cinema.

17. Kubo Financiero. The Kubo Financiero community is the first one that specializes and P2P, and is also regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission. It seeks to bring those who need money to carry out a project into contact with interested investors. Its goal? “To create relationships that drive the development of Mexican families”.

18.  Prestadero. An ambitious application that enables the community to participate as loan recipients. The application claims to offer rates below those of banks (which go from 8.9% to 28.9% a year) and, for the moneylenders, directly guarantees a return from the applicants.

19. PayclipThis application is very easy to use and enables any retailer to receive payments made with a credit or debit card without having to use a banking terminal: it only requires a cell phone. The application requires a small reading band that is placed on any phone that uses the iOS or Android system. It has so far raised 1,500,000 dollars in funding.

20. Nuve.A company that aims to guarantee secure fuel transportation throughout Mexico and fraud or corruption along the way. It detects the plundering of fuel and prevents the cargo from being stolen. The application's creator, Antonio Arocha, was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the “30 under 30”: young people involved in change.

21. Conekta. One more example of the enthusiasm with which Mexican entrepreneurs online retailing. Conekta provides companies with efficient online payments and security to prevent fraud in a country where the lack of trust has become a serious problem. It uses SSL technology and guarantees the encryption of customer information.

22. MFM.This application grants short-term loans to businesses and charges no opening everything to solve liquidity problems as soon as possible. The loans are available in several currencies and it offers swift solutions for businesses if a customer delays payment or wants to make a short-term investment.

23. Taco Master.A game that has been downloaded even more times than AngruBirds in 2011. requires the player to make a Mexican taco as fast as possible. An ingenious idea developed by Ricardo Gómez, the founder of Kaxan Media Group.

24. NA-AT Technologies.One of the partners has said: we are not looking for a provider, but technological ally. What does he mean? NA-AT is one of the Mexican companies specializing in speedy deposits through all kinds of platforms (from iOs and Android to Java ME and QT). It has developed some of the most successful applications in its area in Mexico, such as Monex and CI Banco.

25. WePow. The virtual headhunter. WePow is a company that enables anyone to be interviewed and offers employers sufficient background to file the information on potential employees. The application facilitates the design of promotional videos and interviews for selecting the best candidates and provides constant reports to improve productivity.

26. TasteSpace. The best option for those engaged in catering. The application throughout Latin America (there are thousands of them) to accept online orders to attract more customers.

27.Yogome. How to constructively use dead time on the phone? Yogome's initiative is to educational and bilingual games (in English and Spanish) aimed at children aged 6 to 11. The fields range from maths to environmental education, languages and even programming. It has already been download more than 600,000 times worldwide.

28. Modebo This company is committed to sustainable architecture and design. In other words: the company enables users to calculate how they can use the construction space more effectively and save more money. One example: for a 1,000 square meter project, the company promises a saving of up to 90% in its air conditioning and heating systems, 80% in water consumption and 40% in lighting. All this through tips designed by its seven partners.

29. Kichink. With over 40,000 online stores, Kichink is one of Mexico's leading The company works for any kind of store, brand or product and through a very easy-to-use platform enables an online store to be created in a matter of minutes.

30. Venddo. In the ocean of the social media it is difficult to find the fish that are interested in offered by a company. Venddo offers an option to companies that want to reach the customers who are interested in their products or services. Its motto? “We look after your social media just like you would”.

31. DadaRoom. Are you looking for someone to share a flat with in Mexico? The company puts contact with tenants through a user-friendly interface. It operates in five cities and is one of the most successful companies in its field.

32. 99 minutos. Traffic in Mexico City, one of the most chaotic in the world, generates significant productivity: the city's inhabitants can lose up to 47% of their wages in transportation. The company 99 minutos undertakes to deliver anywhere in the city in the agreed time, something few can guarantee in Mexico City.

33. HotStreetAn interesting ally for SME owners. The HotStreet application has set itself goal. How can a small coffee shop compete with a giant like Starbucks? The creators claim that if retailers know their market, the advantage is theirs. HotStreet uses information from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to inform the retailers about the neighborhood where they are planning to set up a business and prepares a study to make the most of it.

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