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BBVA supports new Colombian entrepreneurs

05/26/2015 09:17
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Forging stronger relations between new business leaders and BBVA. This was one of the objectives that Raúl Andrés Romero, Director of Innovation and Digital Culture at BBVA Colombia, emphasized in his introductory speech at the Innovators Under 35 Awards, organized by the Spanish edition of the MIT Technology Review.


Generating direct contacts with regional entrepreneurs and innovators whose ideas help provide solutions and drive progress for society. This is good reason for brands such as BBVA to get involved at EmTech Colombia, stated Raúl Andrés Romero, BBVA Director of Innovation and Digital Culture, during the event.

Fostering startups and monitoring developments in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem is key to ensuring sound decision making and forging stronger relations between new business leaders and the bank.

Furthermore, BBVA has been driving internal technological renewal at the bank itself. Immersing itself in such environments thus helps to ensure better decision making, said the head of Innovation.

He added that BBVA's presence is not restricted simply to seeking solutions. In fact, the bank supports business incubation to strengthen young technology initiatives that feed the Colombian and global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

BBVA also invites developers, innovators and entrepreneurs that provide financial solutions to take part in the BBVA Open Talent 2015 competition.

Photos by EmTech Colombia

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