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Bailón (Anfix): "Today you carry technology in your hand"

07/18/2016 11:37
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The Fintech startup Anfix provides cloud-based financial services to the self-employed and SMEs to help them manage their business finances.


Today everyone is online without sitting in front of a computer. Following this premise, Anfix was created, which to the self-employed and SMEs to help provides financial services through cloud computing technology them manage their business finances. "Today you carry technology in your hand," highlights Miriam Bailón, Product manager at Anfix.

"For us the whole question of cloud computing and being in the cloud is fundamental. In your daily life you're moving all over the place and everything is connected to the Internet, either from your cell phone, tablet or your actual computer," stresses Bailón.

Thus, Anfix's strategy revolves around SMEs and the self-employed, which it offers the services of a financial advisor to manage their business finances.

When you start up your company, "You basically have expenses and you don't have income, and then you begin to invoice, to see a return on what you're doing”, explains the manager of Anfix. All of this requires financial management for which you don't have time in this cycle of your company. Many fintech startups are specializing in this time period, like those who attended Fintech University.   

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