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The Customer Centric Bank offers the overall framework of the business model in which Mobile Banking makes a perfect fit.

Banks explore the opportunities and benefits.

What’s going on around the world in mobile banking?

Technically speaking, Mobile Banking is composed of three mobile technologies: SMS, Browsers, and Apps.

Like many other industries, the retail financial services industry is in the midst of disruptive changes: mobile, social and cloud technologies are reshaping industries and creating new ones.

The mobile handheld device is becoming the touchpoint for a wide array of products and services, as mobile devices are the “go to” gadgets for most consumers.

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A list of links to other useful tools and resources that you may find useful as a supplement to the information offered on the ‘Simple Bank’ report.

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The concept of the app store will revolutionize core banking solutions, according to Don Free, a Research Director at Gartner. “Using an app store approach, you can break down the core banking system into smaller parts and drive significant innovations for the business. The app store approach allows you to access components without developing them.

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