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Around the world, companies and organizations are seriously experimenting with gamification.

See how gamification can create or capture value for the organization.

Gamification, despite its name, is a serious business opportunity and risk. It may be the “secret sauce” to unlocking value for the organization. 

The target audience of gamification can be any defined group of stakeholders (customers, employees or the Web collective).

A Google Trends snapshot taken on April 2012 shows the historical evolution of Gamification as a search term

The experience of flow is often described as “a spontaneous joy while performing a task”. The video game industry understands flow.

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Bunchball | Gamification 101: An Introduction to the Use of Game Dynamics to Influence Behavior,


Brian Burke is an analyst for Gartner, specializing in enterprise architecture

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People just love Apple’s iPad. A customer satisfaction polls shows that iPad clearly is heads and shoulder above its competitors when it comes to wowing the customers. Customers are “very satisfied” with:

- Apple (new) iPad: 81%

- Apple iPad2: 71%

- Samsung Galaxy Tablet: 46%

- Amazon Kindle Fire: 41%

- Others: 41%

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