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Books & publications

Accenture | Banking on Digital. Building Trust and Innovation in Financial Services, 2013.

Accenture | The RE-banking Revolution. Innovative Practices from Non-banking Companies that Banks Can Use to Improve Customer Engagement, 2013.

Bain & Company | Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking, 2012.

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Forrester Research | How to Engage Your Omnichannel Consumer. Brand Engagement the Consumer Way, 2013.

Forrester Research | The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer, enero 2011.

Gartner | Agenda Overview for Banking and Investment Services, enero 2013.

Gartner | Ed Thompson, analyst. Gartner | Gartner Says Customer Experience Enters Top 10 CIO Priorities for 2012, abril 2012.

Gartner | Online Banking as a Discrete Channel Is Obsolete, 2013.

Gartner | The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Information, junio 2012.

Google | The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, 2013.

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Google | Understanding Credit Card Researchers, 2010. Harley Manning, Kerry Bodine and Josh Bernoff | Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, 2012.

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Harvard Business Review | The Truth About Customer Experience, 2013.

Infosys | The Multi-channel UX Model, 2013.

Infosys | Technology insights for the Financial Services Industry, 2013.

iProspect | Omni-channel: The Marketing Evolution That Changes Everything, 2013.

Mapa Research | Digital Sales: Enhancing Existing Customer Relationships. Insight Report on Digital Sale Techniques across Different Channels (Internet, Mobile and Tablet Banking), 2013.

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