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Within this reality, customers choose to interact with companies through any channel, at any time and from wherever they may be, in a simple, convenient and pleasant way - in short, they are demanding an omnichannel experience.

To provide an omnichannel experience means to go a step beyond the multichannel, overgoing the concept of channels as “silos”, the connectivity gaps between channels and the limited supply in digital channels.

The omnichannel vision is already being applied in certain consumer-related areas, such as in the ROPO effect (research online, purchase offline), which describes the customer who researches on the internet and buys in the physical channel, or in some models developed in the distribution industry, such as the online purchase and in store pick up, or the purchase of geolocated deals.

How can we get an omnichannel experience?:

In banking there is no doubt that omnichannel is the way to go. The key is to be able to articulate this process and to generate a strategy that results in a differentiated omnichannel experience for customers, increasing their satisfaction, recommendation and engagement.

BBVA is a pioneer in having an omnichannel vision and strategy. A strategy based on the following pillars:

Based on a customer-centric vision, this strategy will be implemented with a clear message: “BBVA Banking Anywhere” (BBVA donde estés), which is the main message of the first global campaign for a bank in the omnichannel field.

BBVA wants to offer its customers the best way to access its products and financial services, in a fast and easy way, wherever they are and with their channel of preference. BBVA wants to make sure its clients know that these services are available and that they understand their benefits – they can choose how they want to connect with us. This is the transformation path designed by BBVA to make the omnichannel vision happen.