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Though we are continuously learning as we try to figure this out; here is our sharing, so far, on the customer experience framework and keys for survival in this new world.

Within this reality, customers choose to interact through any channel, at any time.

Omnichannel banking provides a consistent experience across channels to provide customers with seamless access to financial services.

Consumers take a multi-device/multichannel path “journey” to purchase and navigate seamlessly between various touchpoints.

In a crowded banking market, just having good branch locations with high-level service and competitive rates are not going to cut it.

Changes in technology are forcing change onto business models. We are moving away from product-centric models and moving towards customer-centric models.

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Accenture | Banking on Digital. Building Trust and Innovation in Financial Services, 2013.


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Though decision-making related to core banking technology is dependent on local circumstances, three global trends are observed:

- Banks are increasingly willing to consider core replacements, whether big bang or phased (which is dependent on size).

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