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The great novelty of these currencies is its technological development, the way money changes hands: the intermediary disappears.

Banks remain vigilant, but are also getting involved in the process...

One of the main arguments raised by the creators and supporters of virtual currencies as means of payment is safety. Is this reputation founded?

The development of what we know today as bitcoin started between 2007 and 2009. Its birth is surrounded by mystery, making it even more attractive.

Three internationally renowned experts give us the key aspects to enter the world of digital currencies. What is blockchain technology? In what areas can this revolutionary technology develop? What can we expect of its near future?

In this videographic we will show you, step by step, how digital currencies are to be used, what do you need to be able to use it, where you can use it and what transactions you can carry out with your digital money. Don't miss this tutorial and learn the simple, fun way how to keep up with cryptocurrencies.

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In this section, aptly named In Depth, you can look up some of the most recent studies and reports in which the present and the future of cryptocurrencies is analyzed.

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According to research conducted by Gemalto,92% of the young millennials have a mobile phone, 42% have a tablet and 38% have both devices. In addition, seven out of 10 connect to the Internet more than two hours a day, and almost four of every 10 millennials spend more than five hours.

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