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We’ll take look at key API management vendors, some examples of API usage from the financial services industry, and notable examples from other industries.

As seen, there are some interesting stuff going on with APIs and innovation. Though it seems that all of this is just starting, there are some key lessons learned.

Software is becoming “the business” and, as a result, businesses are becoming programmable. To gain competitive advantage, leading businesses are becoming increasingly digital. In other words, everyone seems to be obsessing with APIs, the building blocks of the digital economy.

More than ever, external realities are forcing companies to adapt; it’s not “if” your industry will get disrupted; it’s a matter of “when”.

In the API world of today, innovations are focused on two main areas.

BBVA aims to lead the transformation of the banking industry by playing an active role within the digital ecosystem and open platforms. The challenge is to be able to add value to an ecosystem where APIs are the bonding glue. To achieve this goal we need to be closer to the real needs of customers, developers and potential partners.

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