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Innovation Edge

A web, an App, a magazine and an interactive PDF

Our multi-platform publication

BBVA Innovation Edge is a multi-platform publication which analyzes innovation. It is specifically designed to show new trends, anticipate emerging technologies and analyze specific questions which could affect the financial sector. Each edition addresses a trend and carries out an-depth analysis of it in its two versions: Spanish and English. You can see out latest number here.

The boom in global fintech services
iOS & Android Available on your tablet Download App Store Download Play Store
A web publication Consult it at BBVA Innovation Center See web magazine
A printed magazine Available in PDF Download PDF
Innovation Edge Alternative Finance
The boom in global fintech services
BBVA Innovation Edge Cryptocurrency
Mobile and decentralized currency
BBVA Innovation Edge - APIs
Hello there digital! Will you make me API?
Miniatura eng 195x195
Designing customer experiences for value
Big data english 195
Now's the time to create business value with data
Socialbusiness195 eng
Social networks and business outcomes: the search for value
Mobile payments esp
Paying with a mobile devices
Gamification eng
The business of fun
Mobilebanking eng
New experience in the post pc era
Simple bank esp
The way the world calls our customer centric bank