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Event: The Business Value of QA

When we talk of QA, or Quality Assurance, we are not referring only to testing, but also to methodologies and processes related to business value. This will be the topic focused on at the event to be held at BBVA Innovation Center.




BBVA Innovation Center
Plaza de Santa Bárbara, 2
28004 Madrid
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Introduction and presentation by Masa K Maeda


Much is said about quality, defects and testing, but many organizations are not clear about how this relates to business value. A product with zero defects is not necessarily of high quality. What is the relationship defect and quality? In this talk we take a look at business value and quality from a flexible perspective, taking account of the Serious LeAP™ vision developed by Dr. Masa K Maeda.

Masa K Maeda

Masa K Maeda is CEO of Valueinnova LLC in the USA and is also a member of the Agile Testing Alliance's global steering committee, a senior adviser of the Cutter Consortium in Boston and a teacher at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he was a founding member of four companies in Silicon Valley pioneering in virtual worlds, online socializing, genomics and proteomics and online entertainment; he was one of the trainers at Lean Kanban University; and he carried out R&D at Apple.

LinkedIn: Masa K Maeda

Twitter: @masaKmaeda

If you want to attend this event, you can register yourself through the following link: Meetup

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