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Recommended reading: the new Split Pay banking service and the 30 most influential innovators of 2014

07/21/2014 04:32

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This week we recommend an interesting article on the new Split Pay banking service that allows customers to pay for their online purchases in installments, instead of in advance. We also propose taking a look at the list of most influential innovators in the banking sector in 2014, and an infograph on the 20 very productive applications for companies.



This week, our reading recommendation is an article from the prestigious magazine Wired that deals with the new application created by the startup Affirm: Split Pay. This service can be used by customers to pay for online purchases and in installments, instead of paying in advance. This opens the way for retailers to sell their products in installments and for customers to register in this new service by simply entering their name, phone number, e-mail address and date of birth.

Our second recommendation is to read an analysis of the 30 most important people in the financial industry, among whom are experts working in the Banking sector, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, analysts and experts in virtual currencies.

Lastly, we offer an infograph that presents a good summary of the 20 most productive applications for companies. Among these are applications for e-mail management, apps for task management, expense management and video creation.