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Recommended Reading: how the digital approach changes the relationship between banks and customers

10/30/2014 05:03

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Concern for the future of banking has led large banks to a digital transformation that is increasingly about putting themselves in the customer's shoes. The articles we recommend draw us to the type of relationship between the user and the bank and the way in which the digital approach is changing that interaction. We also found an interesting infographic that analyzes investments and venture capital in the United States.


Despite efforts to digitize banks, consumers still prefer to personally go to branch offices when dealing with more complex issues of a financial nature. This requires banks to move from a silo multi-channel approach to an omnichannel model. This is one of the conclusions of Efma's study,Looking at the bank from the customer's point of view, in the discussion forum of which Ernst & Young participated on a sample of 32,500 retail banking customers in 43 countries.

Moreover, we found an interesting article taken from the PwC's insights' The World is in Beta website, which, under the title Banks are changing. You can bet money on it, it examines what the banking industry will look like in the future, what the relationship between customers and banks will be like in terms of loyalty between the two and what the digital opportunities are that are talked about so much The reflection also takes us into the use of digital banking systems in the UK market in relation to the different generations.

We finish with an infographic on venture capital and the investment life-cycle in the US. Everything you ever wanted to know about the regions of this country where they are investing most, the most reinforced areas, the large corporations who are behind the money, the amounts involved, among other aspects. In A look into the Venture Capital Industry you'll find all these interesting facts.