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Unicoos will be in Buenos Aires presenting its project

BBVA Innovation Center

08/09/2013 11:43

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Unicoos, brilliant winner of the project most voted for in BBVA Open Talent, with nearly four thousand votes, will be with us in Buenos Aires presenting its in Red Innova.

In our effort to support innovation and entrepreneurship, BBVA Innovation Center will offer Unicoos the opportunity to make its project known to a wider audience. What better time and place than Red Innova in Buenos Aires.

Just as it describes itself, Unicoos is a YouTube channel with more than 500 videos about math, physics and chemistry courses at high school and early university level.

Unicoos, the project most voted for, has chosen to attend as an invitee of Red Innova in Buenos Aires instead of taking the initial prize, which consisted of two tickets for the EmTech Spain event with travel and half-board hotel expenses included.

Next June 28, as part of the Red Innova international conference on innovation and entrepreneurship, we will find who are the winners of BBVA Open Talent 2013 in the New Banking and Innovation & Technology categories. The BBVA Innovation Center allows you to follow the event by streaming and to learn about this year's news at first hand.