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Recommended reading: technology revolutions

BBVA Innovation Center

06/05/2013 11:43

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A robot worker, memory implants, big data, super networks… all these technologies are shaping up to transform our world, and are the subject of our recommended reading for this week.

What is the technology that could change the world? If you're not sure of your answer, the editors of the MIT Technology Review can help you pick one from this list of the ten most ground-breaking technology-based ideas in all areas of society, economics, culture and science. Bets are on!

This same publication features an article by Antonio Regalado on one of these emerging technologies: big data, and specifically on what the analysis of these huge volumes of data can do for you. What economic benefits can it have? Is it an attack on our privacy? The debate goes on.

And now for something completely different. Our next recommendation is a report by BlackDuck in Bearing Point entitled "Open Source drives innovation in financial services", analyzing the advantages of open code software for mobile applications in this type of services.