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Recommended reading: Superhumans and "Groupon" for banks

BBVA Innovation Center

06/10/2014 08:13

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This week I'd like to recommend a post about banks being able to create offers of the type provided by the company Groupon; a study on digital trends in Latin American countries; and an interesting analysis of "Superhumans".

Given that banks are constantly searching for new forms and ways of incorporating cutting-edge practices from other industries, this post analyzes the possibility of transferring the idea of Groupon to the banking sector. Banks are not new to the area of coupons or offers for customers. So what is the novelty here? Find out in this post.

Second, we suggest reading this study on digital trends in nine Latin American markets: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Among the data revealed by this research is that various developing markets in Latin America have outstripped the U.S. and EU and the global average in GDP growth in the last decade. The study has also found similar patters in digital behavior. In the whole of Latin America, Internet penetration is at 43 percent, above the global average of 34 percent.

Finally, we recommend an analysis carried out at the 21st meeting of the Future Trends forum held in Madrid in December 2013, which includes the human capacities we want to achieve (or are already achieving) in order to be Superhumans. The capacities are analyzed from different points of view: scientific, technological, and also business, ethical and philosophical; and not only in terms of the impact on humans but also how they change our social relations and our humanity.