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Recommended Reading: digital signatures and the world of internet companies.

BBVA Innovation Center

06/25/2014 09:27

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This week we suggest an article about the tools that can facilitate a company's growth and how it can become innovative, a very interesting analysis of the digital signature and an infographic about the world of internet companies with global data.


In this first reading we suggest to you The Boston Consulting Group takes a close look at tools already in use at some of the corporate world’s innovation leaders to identify and explore new pathways to growth, including business incubators and accelerators, corporate venture investing, and strategic partnerships.

Secondly we recommend a study on the digital signature, its many applications and tools, and how it will become part of Europe's digital future.

Finally, under the title 'The Internet Hall of Fame', we propose aninfographic collecting, from global data, the major Internet companies, in addition to those companies that succeed in every continent of the world.