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Recommended Reading: Big Data to create a map of your life

BBVA Innovation Center

08/29/2013 08:07

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This week we offer something more playful: do you want to create a map of your life? We show the tool you can use to do it. In addition, we analyze the evolution of innovation in Spain and the latest trends in mobile payment channels.

If you could draw a map of your life, have you ever thought what it would be like? Co.Desing presents a tool created by  \t _blank Immersion to make this dream come true and the only thing you need to use is your e-mail account.

With this map you can view your personal connections through the data providing the contacts on your mobile devices and data mining can consequently plot your personal relationships. You can see how this tool works in this video.

Competitiveness and innovation are two words that we are seeing together more. Cotec, the foundation for technological innovation, has introduced Ten major challenges of innovation for competitiveness in Spain (2013).

In this issue, which is part of the Innovation Practice Collection, Future prospects, 10 challenges that the Spanish innovation system must assume are discussed to find out the fields that Spain should focus on to improve its level of innovation. In the last Global Innovation Index Spain was ranked 26th, slightly improving its last ranking.

Finally, we present a report prepared by ITU-T Technology Watch Report on the evolution of payment channels, analyzing new payment trends and financial services in this field.

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Alan Lucaz (not verified)

Wanted to share real quick a video ( I saw that not only speaks to IT's role in Big Data initiatives – but also delivers it via at least 8 sci-fi references. The video is based off research but talks more about ways to approach and plan for new large data projects.