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Recommended Reading: Apple's payment systems and the era of quantum computing.

BBVA Innovation Center

06/17/2014 08:53

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See Apple's plans about its future payment systems, the keys to the quantum computing era and the cost of an unsatisfied customer.


This week we recommend reading an article that reveals Apple's plans regarding payment systems. The thing is the company has never built an iPhone capable of making Near Field Communication (NFC) payments, which many other smartphones already have. However, Apple has been studying the technology closely for years.

Second, we propose an analysis of the quantum computing era. In this respect, the article deals with the relationship Google has in this field, since the company, which has millions of servers connected in what is the fastest, most powerful artificial intelligence on the planet, has teamed up with NASA to acquire what may be the most powerful piece of hardware yet.

Finally, we recommend a story with an infographic about the costs to an organization of an unhappy customer.