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BBVA Open Talent Acceleration: networking in the StartupBus Accelerate

11/09/2014 03:09

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Today our winners attended to the StartupBus Accelerate, held at the new qLabs workspace in the beautiful Flatiron District. The StartupBus: Accelerate is half an unconference, half a programmed event. It’s a place where chaos is welcomed and amazingly talented people can connect with each other. Intrigued? Read all about it here!


It’s Saturday, another busy day for our winners! There was a lot of expectation for today’s main event: The StartupBus: Accelerate, which has been held at the new qLabs collaborative workspace from 10 am to 6.30 pm. The StartupBus: Accelerate allows talented people to meet while attending to exciting panels. Participants have the opportunity to decide the topics they want to talk about. Isn’t that awesome?

Arriving at The StartupBus: Accelerate.

The unconference started at 10.30 am with a group of buspreneurs from the tech and startup community, sharing their projects and experiences with the attendees. The kickoff panel was conducted by Ellias Bizannes, founder of StartupBus; Jamie Roth, founder of FieldLens; Namek Zu’bi, Founder and Managing Partner of Silicon Badia; and Megan Hannum, Venture Consultant at Comcast Ventures. They all talked about what is important when funding or asking to be funded. Things got really dynamic when Nate Cooper explained how the unconference would go by getting everyone who had already participated up at the front to help coordinate the topics of the day. There were three fixed topics and some ground rules to follow, but the attendees were encouraged to add new topics for the day.

Our participants proposing topics for the workshops.

Then they were divided in groups to start the workshops. Some of the inspiring topics that emerged during the brainstorm included PR for startups, company culture, prototyping, and more.

This is what entrepreneurs wanted to know more about.

The afternoon continued with Manuel Morato, co-founder of Dev.F., and Evan Hammer, CEO of Smart Host. Manuel shared his thoughts about hacker culture in Mexico, and Evan talked about creating a company, making small decisions and taking risks.

Evan Hammer during his talk.

Participants finished the event mingling over a few drinks, while sharing ideas and projects. This was the first “unconference” for most of our participants. What a great experience!

Nate Cooper, Accelerator Organizer, thanking all the participants.

That’s all for the weekend! The NY Crash Acceleration Week will be back on Monday for the final stretch. The last two days will be intense, so stay tuned for our grand finale. More to come on Monday! Happy weekend to everyone!


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