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BBVA Open Talent Acceleration: training and networking with investors

11/08/2014 03:08

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Our third day was full of events! To start, a presentation of Work-Bench followed by a masterclass on Product Launch and Communication. In the afternoon, our winners met David S. Rose and had a pitch session with investors from Scout Ventures. To end the day, a networking event with the current participants of Startup Mansion. A busy day for a busy group!


Our day started at the impressive headquarters of Work-Bench, an enterprise technology growth accelerator located in the Fifth Avenue. Jessica Lin, Community Director, explained to our winners that Work-Bench's mission is to that scale enterprise technology startups by providing community, workspace, and business development by connecting Fortune 1000 buyers to scale customer acquisition. Our participants were very interested in knowing how the accelerator helps startups and what is the selection process to become part of their community.

Jessica Lin introducing Work-Bench.

Lenore Kantor, President and Chief Launch Officer of Launch Warrior, conducted a masterclass about Product Launch and Communication. The first part of her  presentation was focused on the importance of branding, which made our participants to  think about the way they introduce their brands, but also themselves. 

Lenore Kantor masterclass

“You don’t want to overthink about your personal presence but you have to be aware of it”, said Lenore Kantor.

During the second part, Lenore put our guys to work! She asked them to pair up and give  their “elevator pitch” to each other in just 3 minutes. Then, they received  feedback. Everyone had to change partners and repeat the exercise until each participant gave the elevator pitch to the rest of fellows in the room. When they were done, they had to  pitch again to the first person and think about their improvement. It was a very rewarding activity and everybody got really valuable  advice.

The "elevator-pitch" line.

The "elevator-pitch" line.

After the masterclass they went to  downtown to meet entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor and author, David S. Rose. The session took place at Gust’s headquarters in NY and featured David’s renowned  talk on “How to pitch a VC."

Legendary David S. Rose explaining “How  to pitch a VC.”

Legendary David S. Rose explaining “How  to pitch a VC.”

In the afternoon, our guys headed back to the Work-Bench headquarters to meet with Bradley C. Harrison, founder and managing partner of ScoutVentures. Bradley talked about the story and the mission of the company. And guess what? Another pitching session followed the talk!

Our participants introducing themselves to Bradley C. Harrison

Our participants  introducing themselves to Bradley C. Harrison

To end the day, the group went back to the Work-Bench headquarters. Pascual Aparicio, co-founder of Startups Mansionintroduced three of the current participants, Abdón Rodriguez, co-founder of Ameiga; Miguel Zafra, CTO of Fan on Fire; and Xavier Barata, founder of King of App; and shared their experience as Spanish entrepreneurs in New York.

Reyes Bolumar, Marketing Manager of BBVA Innovation, joined the session and spent some time with  the participants.  

All the group together at Work-Bench offices.

All the group together at Work-Bench offices.

“Tomorrow?” Well…, unFORTUNATELY, our winners won’t have time to rest… We have a pretty exciting day ahead! :)


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