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A Mexican and an Argentinean among the best young Innovators Under 35

BBVA Innovation Center

11/27/2013 12:21

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Enrique Lomnitz and Rebeca Hwang are two of the 35 most talented young people in the world, according to the awards made by the MIT magazine, Technology Review.

Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Jack Dorsey are some of those who have won the award by the MIT magazine, Technology Review, for young Innovators under 35 years old. Enrique Lomnitz and Rebeca Hwang, from Mexico and Argentina, respectively, have received the same award this year.

Enrique Lomnitz, one of the 10 young Mexicans to receive the Innovators Under 35 award this year, is founder of Isla Urbana.


This project makes it possible for families with little water supply to be self-sufficient. It also offers an alternative for reducing the pressure on Mexico City's increasingly degraded natural supply sources.


This world recognition, in Lomnitz's opinion, represents “a great backing for Isla Urbana and for the whole community of young people carrying out projects like ours. This award is proof that there are young people in Mexico with the desire and talent to change things”.

Rebeca Hwang, one of the 10 young Argentineans to receive the Innovators Under 35 award in 2012, is founder of Younoodle, a company that, along the lines of social networks, allows start-ups of all kinds to take active part in the business community and speeds up their initiatives' growth, producing new innovative products and services.


Hwang expressed her desire to use this prize “to continue helping the community of young people to carry out their projects. These are young people who are bringing about changes in many people's lives”.


This year, with the support of BBVA and of each country's main organizations for ecosystem entrepreneurship and innovation, the awards have also been installed in México, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.The winners will go on to form part of the community of leaders who will shape the world, through and innovation and technology, in the coming years.